To Our Neighbors & Nations

Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.

As we follow God's lead in our church, here is how we live out His commands:

Missions Values

How we engage our neighbors & nations...

o Gospel-Centered Compassion:

We will tirelessly make much of Christ by proclaiming the hope of the Gospel

to our Neighbors and Nations.

o God-sized Faith:

Rooted in the Word and soaked in expectant prayer,

we will take extraordinary and uncomfortable actions in obedience to God’s purpose

for SRC that can only be attributed to Him and His power.

o Strategic Focus:

Through proactive and consistent focus,

we will develop, serve, and come alongside missionaries and organizations

to build long-term relationships that increasingly propel the Gospel.

o Clear and Effective Communication:

Celebrating what God has done,

we will continually communicate our missions vision and direction,

inspiring SRC to engage in His purposes for our church.

o Church-wide Engagement:

We will equip SRC to pray, send, and go to reach our Neighbors and Nations.

We will develop clear opportunities to engage our church to declare the Gospel.

What God has called us to accomplish:

Our Global Mission

Our global mission is to make much of Jesus

by developing disciple-making disciples of our neighbors and the nations, 

propelling the Gospel to lost and forgotten peoples.